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Kristie Lazenberry

Storytelling in the African, African American tradition

It's storytellin' time! Stories told in the oral tradition is the oldest form of entertainment and learning. It is the original form of 'history keeping' in all cultures. Stories reveal culture, teach us history, help us understand one another and can illicit a wide range of emotions. Keeping the storytelling tradition alive is critical to bringing us together in a myriad of ways. 

All of us are storytellers in so many ways - in family, community and in business. What is your story? What are important stories from your family and ancestors? Seek them out and prepare to be amazed!! And then, pass them on!

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Kristie Lazenberry grew up in the Frogtown area of St. Paul, Minnesota. After graduating from the U of M, she went on to act for a number of years at the Hallie Q Brown theatre (now called Penumbra) under the tutelage of Lou Bellamy. Kristie has been a member of the group, 94 East, as a writer and vocalist for many years and has been an integral part of Pepe’ Music Inc. Kristie has always loved reading stories to children and began exploring the art of oral storytelling in the past few years. Her passion around the importance of telling stories really began with her longstanding involvement in racial justice work. Currently, she currently works at the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce as the Program Director for the DEI Collaborative. She loves to hike, bike, cook and read.



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